Selected R packages (see GitHub for more).

trelliscopejs enables visualization of large amounts of data in detail by creating an interactive "trellis" of small multiples that can be abitrarily large. GitHub Website

rbokeh is an interface to the Bokeh JavaScript interactive visualization library. GitHub Website

geofacet provides a way to visualize data for geographical entities by a grid of plots arranged according to the underlying geography. GitHub Website

rmote enables locally viewing visualizations that are created in an R session on a remote server. GitHub

stlplus extends base-R STL time series seasonal trend decomposition, including handling missing data and smoothing with higher order polynomials. GitHub

geovis is an interactive geo-temporal data exploration R package and corresponding JavaScript library, built on Mapbox. GitHub

For TrelliscopeJS and GeoVis, I have written corresponding JavaScript libraries, using React, for which the R package serves as an interface. The projects for these can be found here and here.


Aside from building tools for data analysis, I spend a significant amount of time analyzing data. I gained a lot of experience analyzing large complex datasets during my graduate studies at Purdue with Bill Cleveland and while a research scientist at PNNL. I have been working as an independent consultant since 2014.

As a consultant, I have worked on two DARPA programs, XDATA and D3M, building open source tools for analyzing and visualizing big data, tools for helping domain experts build models, as well as using the tools to analyze interesting datasets such as the Bitcoin blockchain and high frequency trading data. I work with a large philanthropic foundation, applying visualization, exploratory analysis, and collaborative tool development in the field of global health.

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