Starting a Blog

I’m starting a blog… because I don’t have anything else to do…

If anyone has been following the blog I’ve been maintaining over at, you know that things are so insanely busy that it’s hard to keep consistent with posting. So why start another blog? I have a few reasons…

Posts about stuff outside of Tessera: There are a lot of things outside of Tessera that I find myself wanting to write quick blurbs about. Particularly, with respect to my work on rbokeh, I plan to post about development progress and plans, cool less well-known features, etc. Also, I plan to write posts about other packages / projects I’m working on that don’t quite fit in at

Freedom of expression: I have a lot to say about statistical vis / big data and a personal blog allows me not feel as guilty about pontification on these topics as I would at

We’ll see how it goes. Writing time is usually destroyed by work demands, but even if I don’t post often, I hope that the content I am able to post will be of use to other R / stats / data science folk.

Ryan Hafen
Data Scientist, Statistical Consultant