rbokeh Version 0.3.4 Released

The rbokeh package version 0.3.4 was recently released.

First of all, if you are new to rbokeh, check out the documentation here to get familiar with the package.

You can install the latest version with the following:

install.packages("rbokeh", repos = "http://packages.tessera.io")

Since this is the first post about a release, we’ll talk about what’s new from when we hit version 0.3. There have been many updates, but most are either internal refactoring, bug fixes, or minor feature additions. See the comlpete NEWS file for full details.

Non-standard evaluation

The most major interal aspect of the bump to version 0.3 is a major overhaul of the logic for non-standard evaluation to make specification of arguments more flexible and robust. Major thanks to Barret Schloerke for his work on this and for Hadley’s lazy_eval package. We supported this prior to 0.3 but it is now much more robust.

Bokeh 0.11.0

We have updated the BokehJS library to version 0.11.0. The major user-facing change that this brings is that the mouse wheel zoom tool is turned off by default. For those who have been using rbokeh for a while, this may take some getting used to, but I think it is for the better, especially when embedding multiple plots in a scrollable page. Prior to this change, rbokeh plots could hijack the page scrolling resulting in unwanted zooming on the plot.

Another minor user-facing change on the R side is that we have greatly reduced the verbosity of the functions.

There are several other features that have not been covered thoroughly in the documentation and we’ll be spending some more time posting about those soon.

Also, we are working hard on several enhancements, mostly to do with interactivity and shiny integration, and we are excited to share these soon!

Ryan Hafen
Data Scientist, Statistical Consultant