Introducing geofacet

I released an R package over 9 months ago called geofacet, and have long promised a blog post about the approach. This is the first post in what I plan to be a series of two or three posts. In this post I’ll introduce what the package does and compare it to some other approaches for visualizing geographic data.

Introducing trelliscopejs

I’m really excited to announce the beta release of a visualization project I’ve put a lot of work into for the past several months, trelliscopejs.

New R package: packagedocs

I’m pleased to announce the CRAN release of packagedocs which provides a mechanism for simple generation and automated deployment of nice-looking online R package documentation that plugs into the traditional R package vignette system.

New R package: lazyrmd

This post is about an R Markdown html document format that provides the ability to lazily load plot outputs in R Markdown-generated html.

rmote Updates

I recently announced the rmote package for serving various graphics from an interactive remote R session to a local machine. I have made a few noteworthy upates to the package, so here’s a quick post about them. The most major update is an enhanced plot history navigator in the viewer, which you can see in action below.

New R Package: rmote

I often find myself in the situation where I need to log into a remote machine to do analysis in R but do not have a satisfactory way to view output of graphics being generated in the remote session. There are many possible ways to work graphically with R on a remote machine, but some are not very desirable and others are often not possible. In this post I introduce a new package “rmote” that provides a way to deal with this situation.