Sharing htmlwidgets as Gists

A little-known feature in rbokeh is a function that will save an htmlwidget (including rbokeh figures of course) to a github gist and share it, along with its source code, through services like bl.ocks.org or allow it to be embedded in a web-based document or presentation.

New R Package: rmote

I often find myself in the situation where I need to log into a remote machine to do analysis in R but do not have a satisfactory way to view output of graphics being generated in the remote session. There are many possible ways to work graphically with R on a remote machine, but some are not very desirable and others are often not possible. In this post I introduce a new package “rmote” that provides a way to deal with this situation.

rbokeh Version 0.4.1 Released

The rbokeh package version 0.4.1 was recently released.

Plotting Lots of Data with rbokeh

A common issue when dealing with more than a few thousand data points is how to effectively make scatterplots. There is a lot of research on this topic that I won’t go into in any detail, but in this post I’ll just point out a few features that come with rbokeh that allow you to work with larger scatterplots, including level of detail thresholds, WebGL, and hexbins, and finally faceting.

rbokeh Version 0.3.4 Released

The rbokeh package version 0.3.4 was recently released.